November 07, 2013


I never know how to introduce myself in the first blog post but I'll go for it.

I'm currently a 3rd year undergraduate student at Cardiff University studying Geography. I've been um'ing and ar'ing over whether to create a blog for months now and thought I would just go for it. This blog will hopefully be full of my own thoughts about, well, anything, mainly beauty, products, clothes, all things girly. Even though I am studying the less than girly subject of geography, I spend hours reading beauty and fashion blogs, looking at the variety of makeup out there from high end to drugstore makeup and everything in-between and therefore thought i'd attempt to create my own blog about my thoughts on all things girly. I am no expert on makeup by far, so everything i write are just my own opinions. 

I want to try my best to write entries frequently, but between the ridiculous amount of work I will be given this year and trying to complete my ongoing dissertation, I cant promise anything haha

Love, Emma x

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