January 07, 2014

Death by Dissertation

I think it says it all in the title! The dreaded dissertation is probably the one piece of work at university everyone dreads writing. Obviously I am not the only one who has ever wrote a dissertation but I have just, thankfully submitted mine and thought id share some tips about how to handle the stress or writing one. 

1. Research early - do not leave research till the last minute thinking it won't take long...it does! Try and get your research done and dusted by the end of summer/Christmas, depending on when your work has to be in. It will be a lot less stressful having to write your thesis without having to worry about the research you have yet to carry out.

2. Don't panic - I can't really say much because I was constantly panicking, especially last minute but it does you no good, it will just get you worked up and worried about things you haven't included.

3. Don't speak to your friends about it - Try not to speak to friends or course mates when writing it. Doing this will cause you to compare what you've done and how much with their work...and people lie.

4. Start early - Attempt to get some sort of outlining topic and title early on so your not trying to decide on a topic two months later when you should be well into your research and literature review. This will save time and worry!

5. Ask, Talk, Discuss - Meet your supervisor often, they will be happy to help with any of your questions and concerns, especially as they've probably wrote one themselves. 

These are only a few tips which I hope helped anyone who might be writing their thesis/dissertation at the moment. 

Good Luck and Keep going!! :)


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