November 24, 2014

L'oreal Paris Collection Exclusive - Julianne's Pure Red/Nude



I genuinely think these lipsticks are the most beautiful things ever - their packaging is so fabulous. L'oreal originally brought out a line of nude lipsticks which were aimed at suiting each individual skin tone from fair to dark called L'oreal Colour Riche Exclusive Nudes. I'd been swooning after Julianne's Nude for months until I decided to just go ahead and buy it and whilst I was, I saw the recently new Pure Red's Collection from the same line so I picked up Julianne's Pure Red Lipstick at the same time.

These lipsticks provide different finishes. Julianne's Nude provides a satin finish when applied to the lips with a slight glossy look to it. I'd probably describe this nude lipstick as a 'pinky' nude. It's a perfect everyday nude. I have fair - medium skin tone and I feel this lipstick really compliments my complexion.

As mentioned above I also picked up Julianne's Red. This red is quite a pure red but with orangey undertones. It's a great red for Christmas. Colour pay off is really good and with more of a matte finish compared to the 'nude', it lasts for a long time. Both lipsticks smell wonderful as well which is always a bonus!

For such lovely, good quality lipsticks with fantastic packaging you'd think they'd be pretty expensive - I picked up the nude for £8.19 and the Red Collection was on offer and was lucky enough to pick it up for just £6.99!! I'd recommend these lipsticks to anyone...I'm off to buy Blake's Red next!


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  1. These are gorgeous shade! I'm happy L'Oréal came out with a new packaging, this one looks so much more classy. Love your post! <3


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