June 07, 2015

The Perfect Holiday Scent | Estee Lauder

It was a few weeks ago that I passed the Estee Lauder counter in House of Fraser and just by chance picked up a tester of Estee Lauder's Bronze Goddess eau Fraiche Skinscent. After a spritz I was in love. I picked up another tester in Debenhams the following week and knew I needed it for summer. I can only describe this scent as smelling of holidays. It has an underlying scent of coconut and fruitiness (if that is a word). I'd say it reminds me of pina coladas and mandarin. It's a summery and sensual scent which perfect for warm summer evenings. I was pleasantly surprised at the scent's lasting power considering it is a skin scent and not a parfum. The scent isn't overpowering but has that lovely undertone of coconut that people smell when they pass you. The packaging also adds to the holiday feel. This year's bottle is a yellow-orange ombre colour with glitter and the lid is gold. I can't believe I haven't purchased this scent before as it is the perfect scent for summer holidays. Go and get it before it sells out as it will be this summer's hottest scent!


  1. I love the smell of holidays haha! I can just picture what it smells like now! I'm going to have a sneaky spritz next time I'm in Debenhams



  2. estee lauder fragrances are great, and this sounds like isn't the exception pina colada and mandarin? I need it!
    The Color Palette

  3. This looks,and sounds,awesome!!! Will check it out for suree,great post gurl and have an amazing day!!!! xox


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