June 19, 2015

Why Every Woman Needs MAC Rebel

It's not often that I state that a product is a 'need'. However MAC lipstick in 'Rebel' is an exception. 
For those who own Rebel will understand how amazing it is, for those who don't, listen up!
Rebel is one of those lipsticks that suits everyone. You may be wondering how it that possible? Well Rebel is a satin finish so it provides the right amount of moisture but with amazing pigmentation. It looks pretty scary in the bullet as it looks extremely dark, quite 'vampy', which is definitely not my sort of shade. However when it's applied to the lips it provides a beautiful purple berry colour. It has the right amount of blue toned pink to purple and so it suits almost all skin tones. It is such a versatile lipstick as you can apply it straight from the bullet making it a dark berry colour when layered or with a brush to make it a sort of stain on the lips. Onto the lasting power...I can't comprehend the longevity of this lipstick. Applied mid evening, I still wake up with it on my lips the next morning even after removing my make up. Definitely a good lippy for a night out seen as there is no need to keep re-applying. An absolute favourite of mine. If you don't own it already, get yourself to MAC asap and swatch it!!


  1. Wow this looks a stunning colour, I really want to go to MAC and when I do, I will be swatching this! x

  2. Oh my goodness it looks gorgeous! I've also been searching for a dark colour so I need to rush out to MAC! x

  3. Gorgeous color gurl!!! and really really great recommendation! xxx

  4. This looks great! I'll definitely be checking it out next time I visit MAC!

    xo, Liz

  5. I love this lipstick it is so good and the colour is beautiful this is a must have in my collection but I've almost ran out so need to get a new one. X

  6. Rebel is one of my all time favourite lipsticks, it's such a gorgeous shade!

    Rambling Makeup

  7. I am so tempted to purchase this lipstick right now!

    Cloudie ️xxx


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