December 18, 2014

10 Things to do at Christmas time


Christmas time is such a lovely time of the year. Everyone has their own traditions but here are 10 things I think everybody should do at Christmas time:

1. Drink a Christmas Costa - As most know, Costa bring out numerous Christmas themed drinks around mid- November ready for the Christmas season, including Gingerbread latte and Brownie Hot Chocolate to name a few. I always find having one of these Christmas drinks gets me right in the 'Christmassy' mood.

2. Eat Mince Pies - I will admit I have not been one for mince pies until I tried my first one a few days ago and now I can't get enough of them! Warmed up with a drop of cream - perfect!

3. Ice skating - I think if you're going to do anything this Christmas season, ice skating is MUST!! Even if you can't skate, go because you have so much fun! Visit your nearest Winter Wonderland to enjoy the amazing food stalls as well!

4. Decorating the house whilst Christmas music is playing - I love putting up my Christmas decorations, I think that is when I really start feeling 'Christmassy'. Get the family together, put up your tree whilst dancing around the house to Jingle Bell Rock!

5. Visit relatives - Christmas is all about family, it's very important to me and I love that Christmas gets everybody together. It makes me happy that I am lucky enough to spend time with my nans, auntie, uncles and cousins!

6.Burn Christmas Candles - There is nothing nicer than walking into a room with the smell of mulled wine or cinnamon wafting around the room. My favourite are Yankee Candles because they're strong, have a huge variety and last for ages.

7. Watch Christmas films - Watching a Christmas film with my family around the festive season is one of my favourite pastimes. Give 'Christmas with the Kranks' a go or 'Santa Claus The movie' if you haven't seen them!

8. Watch your nearest city's light switch on - I love the atmosphere that comes with Christmas light switch ons - everyone is happy, stood around listening to Christmas songs and eating mince pies.. perfect way to start the Christmas season.

9. Bake Christmas cookies - cookies, cakes, muffins, you name it - Bake it! I love cranberry and white chocolate muffins!

10. Donate to Charity - Christmas time may be a time to receive gifts but it's also a time to GIVE. If you can, donate to charity or take clothes to a homeless shelter or donate food to your local food bank for others who aren't as privileged as yourself.

And that is it! 10 things to do at Christmas time. If you can think of anything you should do at Christmas time, leave a comment :)

Emma x

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