February 24, 2015

A Week of Breakfasts | Breakfast Inspiration

Everyone has heard the old saying 'Breakfast is the most important meal of the day'. This is rightly so, breakfast gives you the fuel to start your day. It gets your metabolism going and provides your body with vital energy for the day ahead. I'd have to say breakfast is my favourite meal of the day, there are so many types of breakfasts you can have and I love the variety and just love breakfast food in general. So I thought I would create a post for all the breakfast lovers out there showing 7 days of different breakfasts. So if you're getting bored with your same old granola or granary toast, look this way. A week of 7 Healthy Breakfast Ideas that I love! I hope these inspire you to spruce up your morning munch!

Day 1 - Special K with fresh Strawberries
I've always been a fan of special K, they provide so many alternatives for plain old cereal including honey and nut, berries, chocolate and berries, yoghurt and many more. I often buy the Special K with berries and add my own fresh fruit to it to jazz it up a bit and add a bit more colour and fibre. This week I added fresh strawberries. You can use blueberries or raspberries, it's up to you. I often mix it with skimmed milk, or my personal favourite almond milk. I love the nutty flavour of the milk that mixes with the strawberries. Yum!

Day 2 - Plain Porridge with Strawberries and a dollop of Nutella
Now, I know this breakfast would be a lot more healthier without that added dollop of nutella, but hey we all love something chocolatey. No but really, everything in moderation, and if you only have this breakfast once a week, it's fine. I often use sachets of porridge because they're quick and easy. I use skimmed milk/soya milk and slice up fresh strawberries, banana or frozen raspberries whilst the porridge is hot from the microwave, add your nutella and wait whilst it melts in the hot porridge. 

Day 3 - Golden Syrup Porridge with chopped bananas 
First off, I apologise for the photograph - I never realised how difficult it is to photograph porridge, it's so messy! However, I recently discovered this golden syrup porridge and I have been addicted. Obviously this choice is a bit more sugary however it is still healthy if you use skimmed milk/soya milk or almond milk which I love. I added chopped bananas for a slow release of energy in the morning. This has been my go to brekkie this week. If you decide to choose plain porridge, a sprinkle of cinnamon will help add a little bit of sweetness too.

Day 4 - Fresh Fruit Salad (Add Natural/Greek Yoghurt of your choice)
I think there is nothing more refreshing than a fresh fruit salad for breakfast. It is a healthy choice and is very filling. I often add natural or Greek yoghurt if I fancy a change which is also really yummy. Such an easy breakfast, especially if you prepare your fruit for the following days. The one below contains apple, black grapes, orange pieces and raspberries.

Day 5 - Poached Egg on Soya and Linseed Bread
Poached egg is my favourite way of cooking an egg and I love it on toast. When I'm having a super hungry morning I'm looking for carbs, so my favourite healthy bread is Soya and Linseed bread which is full of good seeds, full of fibre and Omega 3 and Calcium (you can also use granary or wholemeal). I poach my egg on the hob and add a thin layer of spread to my bread after toasting it and voila- one of my favourite breakfasts!

Day 6 - Pancakes with Raspberries and Nutella
Okay, so this one isn't that healthy at all but I couldn't not include it because it is something I do eat from time to time when I'm feeling indulgent. I cook about 4 small hand-sized pancakes and add my favourite fruits - raspberries, bananas or blueberries. If I'm feeling naughty I'll add a little quirt of golden syrup for some sweetness. 

Day 7 - Dippy Eggs and Sunflower and Chia Seed Soldiers
When I have this breakfast it just reminds me of being a kid. I boil an egg for 3-4 minutes depending on how you like your eggs, ( 4 if you wan't them runny enough to dip your bread in). I choose to have my favourite bread - either Soya and Linseed or Sunflower and Chia seed. I cut them into strips and cut off the top of my egg. Perfect Sunday morning breakfast! 

I hope you enjoyed this post and take some inspiration from it for sprucing up your breakfasts if you're getting a bit bored with your usual toast or porridge. Are there any breakfasts you enjoy that I haven't mentioned? Leave me a comment below! 


  1. I'm so bad for rolling out of bed in the morning and just grabbing something quick like a slice toast, which doesn't keep me full at all and obviously isn't very healthy either! I love the variety that you have in your different breakfasts and I totally agree that we all need a little chocolatey fix every once in a while! ;D I'm definitely going to be trying all of these! x

    1. I'm really happy you enjoyed reading my post. So many of my friends complain that they never know what to have for breakfast and I thought this post would help give people some new ideas for breakfast time :) I definitely agree, love having something sweet for my brekkie! x

  2. Hey, I've nominated you for the Sisterhood of the World Bloggers Award so it would be really cool if you could check out my post on it! Anna x

  3. I'm sure the pancakes with raspberries and nutella are delicious x

    Sonia | A Film A Day

    1. They are delicious, definitely a treat :) x

  4. These breakfasts look sooo good! I'm never very inventive with my breakfasts so this is a great post. lots of love xx


    1. I'm glad you were able to get some ideas from this post :) xx


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