February 27, 2015

February Favourites

Beauty Blender
I have wanted to get my hands on a beauty blender for a long time as I have watched so many Youtube videos of people using the blender to create a flawless base. I can definitely understand why they are so raved about now. Since using this sponge I have found my concealer is much easier to blend under my eyes and after applying my foundation I use the sponge to blend down to towards my neck ensuring there are no foundation lines, just a flawless base to start with. I wish I'd bought this sponge sooner!

The Body Shop Foam Cleanser
I won't go into too much detail about this product as I have mentioned it a lot recently on my blog. This product has made it into my favourites this month because of how it's performed on my skin. Since using this cleanser my skin feels a lot healthier and looks a lot clearer. It feels re-refreshing and I have really been enjoying using it - will definitely be repurchasing this and for £5.00 you can't go wrong! 

Dove Summer Glow Nourishing Lotion in Medium/Dark
This month I have been lusting after summer and remembering how tanned I was last year so I thought I would apply fake tan whilst were still waiting on sunshine. I used this product religiously when I was at school but forgot about it. However, after re-purchasing it this week I realised why I loved it so much. It's a thick lotion that moisturises your skin whilst providing a gradual tan which you can build up. In addition, due to it being a lotion, it doesn't leave streaks - which is most peoples concern when looking for a good tanner. It also smells really nice and not of biscuits like a lot of other tanners on the market. You can apply this with either your hands (be sure to wash them after application), or a mitt. I grabbed this for only £2.49 at Bodycare.

Soap and Glory Sugar Crush Body Scrub
Everyone knows that before you apply tan, exfoliation is key to ensure an even tan and this has been my go-to exfoliator to use in the shower before applying my Dove Summer Glow Lotion. It smells amazing and with ingredients like brown sugar it removes all dead skin to leave your skin soft and ready for tan application.

Carmex Cherry Lipbalm 
My lips have been especially dry this month so I have been whipping out this Carmex lipbalm left right and centre to ensure my lips are moisturised and not chapped. It really helps soothe my lips when they are sore from the cold weather and it smells lovely.

This might seem a bit of an odd favourite but a notepad is my lifesaver. I write absolutely everything down in it from shopping lists to blog post ideas to products I want to try or any sort of notes I must remember. I picked this A5 notepad up which is ideal to fit in my handbag for only £1.29 from Wilkinsons. 

Mac Pro Pan Eyeshadow in 'All that Glitters'
I have been after a MAC eyeshadow for a long while now. I have heard so many bloggers rave about them and how great they are and thought it was about time I got my hands on one. My first choice was 'All that Glitters' as I was originally drawn to the soft muted peach colour and thought it would look nice with my skin tone. I have been pairing it with 'Bootycall' from Urban Decay Naked 2 Palette. I think these eyeshadows are quite pricey for £10 each but I'm aiming to slowly build up a palette that I love. 

MAC Cremesheen Lipstick in 'Coral Bliss' 
Another MAC product in my favourites this month. Since spring time is fast approaching, I've been whipping out products that reflect my excitement for summer. Coral Bliss is a cremesheen finish and provides fantastic colour payoff as it lasts for a good while. I love this colour especially on tanned skin and think its an ideal summer colour - it has been my go to lipstick these last few weeks. 

This may also be seen a bit of a strange favourite however I had to include it as it is definitely something I have loved this month. I'm a big lover of breakfast food and this has been my go-to brekkie in February. It is such a quick and easy breakfast to make and you can add so many different ingredients to vary it up each day. I often add honey, strawberries, raspberries or banana. It is healthy and fills you up ready to take on the day ahead.


  1. That MAC Lipstick is gorgeous!

    Becca x


    1. I know, I love it - coral is such a lovely summer colour! :) x

  2. Ah yay - All that Glitters is one of my all time favourites as well! It makes the perfect all over lid shade. Love the S&G scrubs as well. I have the Breakfast Scrub though the Sugar Crush scent is amazing as well!

    Tasha // shiwashiful.

    1. I haven't tried it all over the lid yet, but I will :) It's such an easy colour to wear! I haven't tried the breakfast Scrub actually, think I'll have to pick that one up next time i'm in Boots :) x

  3. Love the tea tree range! That lipstick looks so pretty I need to start introducing some warmer colours now that spring is almost here


    1. I have only tried the foam cleanser, but experienced good things so I will definitely be exploring the rest of the range! :) It's such a nice coral colour, so ideal for spring/summer! x

  4. I love MAC lipsticks - don't think i'll go back to using any others. About the beauty blender, I have watched a few youtube videos too & so tempted to buy one, i just wondered is it true you have to wash them out every time you use it?

    Thanks x

    - follow me back please!

    1. I agree, MAC lipsticks are amazing and they last so long on your lips! Well, I have only used mine a few times so far and haven't washed it yet, I'm not entirely sure but I can't imagine you have to wash it every single time you use it :) Also the tutorials with beauty blenders on youtube are really good aren't they :) x

  5. great post! I really want to try the beauty blender as well and I love that Dove summer glow, its the only tanning product that doesn't go orange on me! would love if you could check out my fashion blog? :)

    The Fashion Road

    1. You definitely should try the beauty blender, it's so good for blending foundation :) and I really like Dove's summer glow too, such a bonus that it's a lotion aswell! I'll definitely check it out, think I'm following you on bloglovin' too :) x

  6. Yes - how great is the Dove summer glow lotion. It smells great and it really does make your skin feel luscious after. I have both the fair to medium shade and medium to dark as I find that after a while of using the medium to dark my skins tends to go abit yellowy/orangey. Maybe that's just me. But none the less, great post!

    - LL // http://www.cautivarbyll.blogspot.co.uk

    1. It's so good, definitely one of my favourite gradual tanners! I haven't used the fair to medium shade before though! Glad you liked it :) x


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