January 19, 2015

Blog Love | My Top 10 Favourite Blogs #1

I click onto my Bloglovin app almost everyday to check out new posts that have been written by so many different bloggers. Everyday I discover more and more amazing blogs and follow them so I am able to keep up to date with new material they post. I have so many favourite bloggers I would be here all day if I were to list them, so I am going to list my top 10 current favourite blogs/bloggers that I am loving right now! These are my go-to blogs for some fashion and beauty reading. It would be great if you could check them out and if you don't already make sure you are following them for great fashion, beauty and lifestyle tips.

The blog I have been reading the longest. I originally discovered Vivianna on Youtube and discovered she also wrote a blog. As soon as I started reading her blog I was hooked. From Youtube you can see she a down-to-earth girl with wealth of beauty knowledge who provides honest reviews about products which is why I love her! Her blog exhumes personality and I love her witty writing style.

Couture Girl
I discovered Kayleigh's blog Couture Girl pretty recently and adore it! She provides such in-depth reviews of products that are very similar to my beauty taste. She has a great sense of style and I feel inspired by her fashion posts. Her writing makes me want to go out and buy what she is writing about which is great for for me but not my bank balance.

Sweet Electric
I only discovered Zoe's blog when I signed up to Bloglovin and thank goodness I did because Sweet Electric has come to be one of favourite places to read about all things beauty and advice. Her blog is honest and she provides great beauty tips and advice for all ages and budgets.In addition, I love the fact she has a 'Blogging 101' category which focuses on advice for bloggers, whether or not they have bloggers block or just need some help improving their blog.

Cosmetic Crave
I actually came across Hannah's blog after originally discovering her via Instagram. (social media is so handy). I adore Hannah's blog as I feel my beauty taste is also very similar to hers so I feel I can relate to many of Hannah's opinions about posts. Her posts are always detailed and and I'm always eager to carry on reading. She has written about so many products, I always know where to go when I want a full detailed review of something.

Michelle's blog is also one of my favourites, with her minimal design and amazing images, her blog really draws you in making you want to read every post. Once again, I discovered Michelle on Youtube orginally and then came across her blog. Michelle writes fantastic reviews of products which are both luxury and budget products, catering for all - whether your on a budget or wanting to splash out but aren't ready to take the plunge.

London Beauty Queen
I came across Hayley's blog last summer by accident (think I typed something into Google and her blog came up). I was so pleased I had found it though as Hayley has created an amazing blog from design to content. I love the fact she covers it all - from blogging tips, to beauty, lifestyle advice and much more. She definitely is a beauty queen, blogging for years she certainly knows her stuff so when I'm reading her blog I know I'm reading an honest, detailed, unbiased post which I love!

Birds Words
I love Beth's blog because it's just so girly. She provides full reviews of products which often include swatches which I love, as you are able to really 'see' the product. She writes about her experience in blogging providing great blogging tips and she adds personality to her blog by giving us chit chit about her life which is always nice to know when your reading their posts daily.

I Covet Thee
Youtube is a godsend - I found Alix here and was instantly attracted to her blog because of its minimalist theme and high quality photos. Alix's photos make you want to read her posts and you are disappointed when you do. Alix writes about everything from beauty to lifestyle tips and advice and I adore her lifestyle category where she oftens gives us an insight into her week and what she has done which always makes me want to go out and explore places.

Magpie Jasmine
Jasmine's blog was one of the first blog's I followed when I started mine and signed up to Bloglovin. I love Jasmine's blog because she is always on the ball when it comes to new beauty launches. I love her in-depth reviews she posts, especially on budget products, making you sure you know the ins and outs of products before you buy. She covers everything from beauty reviews to money saving advice and more, giving you so much variety to read. Her photography is always on point with super high quality and original photos, her blog is fantastic!

Fashion Mumblr
Last but not least, Josie from Fashion Mumblr. I adore Josie's blog because of her amazing photographs. I'm always in awe of her fashion sense and style and she combines these two to create an amazing blog along with her beauty reviews, tips and advice. Her content includes fashion, beauty and lifestyle. She also includes a specific page with the sole focus on Afternoon Tea which is literally my favourite thing ever!

So there it is, 10 of my current favourite blogs. Have you read any of these blogs? What blogs are some of your current favourites? Let me know as I love discovering new blogs to read!

Lots of Love,

Emma x

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