January 26, 2015

Fitness | My Top 5 Favourite Workout Videos

Everyone likes a good work out and Youtube is an ideal place to find workout videos that are free where you can workout alongside fitness experts in the comfort of your own front room. If you can't afford a gym membership (they can be pretty pricey these days), or fancy exploring new ways to work out, Youtube is the place to go. There are thousands of different workout videos to choose from, from beginners to advanced, with the use of a variety of equipment if not any. 

Whilst at University I went to the gym everyday because it was cheap and I lived extremely close. Now that I'm back living at home, I use Youtube very often to help me develop new routines and add new exercises to my routine if I'm looking to focus on one specific part of my body - usually my bum! So here are five of my most favourite exercise videos I use currently. 

My bum is my most problematic area and so I like to focus on toning it up when I'm exercising. I often do a variety of squats with my 8kg Kettlebell which really help tone up my glutes and give me a more shapely bottom. This video with Katrina provides me with new exercises to tone and lift my bottom when I'm fancying trying something new. My favourite moves from her video are the reverse lunges and kickbacks - I find these really tone the backs of my legs and bum!

I think this is probably one of  the most challenging workouts of the bunch. It really works out the entirety of your body, not just your bottom, using a kettlebell. You can use whatever weight your comfortable with and work your way up. My favourite move from this video is definitely the kettlebell swing at the beginning because it works your arms, bum and core simultaneously. 

I discovered Cassey Ho from my sister who uses her videos to work out all the time. I love this video because it works the hips, bottom and thighs - all areas which I find problematic and so this workout really pushes you, working your legs, and even your core when you are positioned in a side plank. What I love about Cassey's videos is that she provides alternative methods of the exercise if you're not quite ready to jump in and she gives you easier ways to do an exercise until you feel ready to try it the harder way.

Definitely one of my favourites from the bunch, Katrina provides a 35 minute workout full of great exercises with combined use of a kettlebell and yoga which I love the most, to help tone and strengthen your body. I think incorporating yoga in a routine like this is ideal because while it tones your body it is also helping improve your balance which is always a bonus. What more could you ask for in a workout?

This workout focuses on working out your abs and toning your belly for a smaller waistline. I always try and incorporate some sort of workout for my abs every time I work out so this 5 minute video with Natalie Jill is ideal for incorporating it into your routine as no one likes working their abs. It provides great ab exercises for beginners which is ideal for anyone starting out. My favourite exercise from her video is definitely the hand-toe touch which really works your belly muscles. 

I hope I have provided a little insight into how Youtube can provide you with some great helpful videos to help workout every inch of your body. Remember that you must always warm up and stretch before every workout to ensure you don't pull any muscles.
Let me know some of your favourite Youtube workout videos? As I love discovering new ones and trying them out!

Lots of Love, 

Emma x

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