January 05, 2015

What was in my Christmas Lush Box?

P1020406 P1020411 P1020414 P1020415 P1020416 P1020417 P1020418 P1020420 P1020422 P1020423 P1020424 P1020427This Christmas I was very fortunate to have received this beautiful LUSH gift box given to me by my boyfriend's parents. I always enjoy wandering around lush at Christmas time to see what new products they have brought in for the Christmas season, especially their gift sets. I was so excited to try these products when I opened up the box. My boyfriend helped choose the gift box he thought I would prefer and he chose very well!

Firstly, let's just take a minute to appreciate the packaging of this gift set, I think it's lovely - so bright and it draws you in! The box comes with a green pom-pom bow and a little booklet showing you all the products that come inside the box. The first of which is;

  1. So White 100g - Now I haven't smelled this shower gel before, although I have owned LUSH's Snow Fairy and to be truthfully honest I wasn't a massive fan - I just found the scent too overly sweet for myself. However, when I smelled this shower gel I was in love. It smells of apples and provides a crisp and clean scent - an ideal scent for a wake up shower on these early January mornings.

  2. Rub Rub Rub Shower Scrub 130g - Considering my love for LUSH products I had also never tried a shower scrub. This shower scrub is bright blue and smells amazing! It is enriched with mineral salts and fragranced with jasmine to make your skin soft and smell incredible!

  3. Baked Alaska Soap 120g - One of my favourite products in the gift set, this soap provides a fresh feeling like no other. It smells of lemon and grapefruit, giving you that clean, refreshing feeling with every use. I am so attracted to this soap because of it's incredible colours.

  4. Santa's Lip Scrub 25g- Definitely my favourite product in the box. I had been wanting to try a lip scrub forever and had always had my eye on 'Bubblegum'. However, when I saw this product was included in the gift set I was over the moon. Smelling of fizzy-cola and tasting amazing whilst making your lips soft and kissable is a perfect combination. Absolutely in love with this lip scrub.

  5. Million Dollar Moisturiser 10g - Even though this product is pretty small (tester size), I think it's ideal for trying something new. As I have oily skin, I am bad for often not straying too far away from my usual skincare products. However, the product itself is made up of honey, shea butter and jojoba oils which will make your skin super soft but it also has UV protection which is a bonus. I am excited to try out this moisturiser and let you know what I think!

Well that is it, a little look into the LUSH gift set I received for Christmas! I was extremely happy and grateful for receiving this as I absolutely adore lush products! So excited to get using them in the shower now!

Did you get receive any LUSH gift sets for Christmas? Or pick any up in the sales? Let me know, I'd love to see what you think!

Emma x

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