January 05, 2015

Favourite Perfumes of 2014

 In 2014, I discovered some beautiful scents that I wore almost everyday. I wanted to share with you three of my favourites because I am so in love with them! I am by no means a perfume expert so please be aware that my perfume describing skills are not fantastic but I try my best to describe each scent as best and as honestly as I can.

First of the 3 is, Vera Wang Lovestruck 30ml Eau de Parfum. I was lucky enough to receive this scent as a birthday present from my nan on my birthday last year. It is quite a sweet smelling fragrance but isn't too overwhelming as I dislike very sweet perfumes. I think the bottle looks beautiful and I adore the rose lid with the pink netting. The liquid inside is a very pale pink and this scent is an ideal scent for everyday wear as it isn't too strong and over powering. It's a really summery scent!

Secondly is Jimmy Choo 40 ml Eau de Parfum. Again, I was extremely fortunate to have received this perfume as a birthday gift from my mother and sister on my 21st. I first smelled this perfume on a friend and fell in love. The scent is described to have sweet orange, pear nectar, tiger orchid, Indonesian patchouli and caramel notes. I think this perfume is beautiful, the scent and packaging with a tinted pink round glass bottle with small indentations. This scent is sweet yet subtle and ideal for night time wear. I absolutely adore it!

And last but not least my favourite perfume of all is ALIEN by Thierry Mugler 30ml Eau de Parfum. Last Christmas my boyfriend bought me this perfume after dragging him into Debenhams numerous times to test it, smell it and take in its amazing fragrance. This is my holy grail perfume. I absolutely adore it. It's described  as having a woody fragrance with amber and jasmine notes. It's like no other perfume I have ever smelt before. The bottle is on point - a deep purple glass bottle with sharp clean edges and outlined in gold. I will always be re-purchasing this one!

Hope you enjoyed reading about my favourite perfumes, let me know some of your favourites? I'd love to try some new scents for 2015!

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